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The 9/11 Truth Movement Factionalism Pains Me Like a Bris

I'll give you a little synopsis of how I got involved in all this.

On 9/11 I was in Kuaui in Hawaii for the wedding of my roomates daughter. I got back to NYC on the 24th of September. At the time I was working for an enivronmental attorney opposing pesticide spraying in New York City. Then I found out that my boss was becoming a big wheel because he was representing the community groups around ground zero and was on TV all the time. The website that I had starte for him, was getting incredible traffic.
So for the next 5 months until the pressure of finals and the bar exam took over, I was the top legal researcher for the top lawyer representing all the community groups around the trade center. And we worked very closely in conjunction with Congressman Nadler in drafting legislation for disaster regs. I filed the NY State Assembly hearings, I attended the New York City Council Hearing, I attended PTA meetings of Stuyvesant high school...

At the same time I was researching stuff from Rupperts website, synthesizing it with the stuff that we were learning about the toxic dust (I was the ONLY PERSON TO DO THIS until Nick Levis stepped into that vacuum a little...and I was two years ahead of him.)

Around this time, Shadowgovernment television was first getting started with my partner Sterling putting together an intial video with footage of Kyle's press conference in Washington DC. I was in contact with Catherine Austin Fitts sporadically. But other than that I didn't have any contact with the 9.11 researcher community other than the 9.11 toxic dust community.

When Ruppert came to NYC in September of 2002, I only knew about it because of a prominent Green party activist Mitch Cohen sent me one of his spam emails. I attended the Ruppert lecture and despite Ruppert being a bit absurd on a lot of things, I was overall impressed by his sincerity and knowlege base. Walking into the talk I met Guy and Dr. Fazi Khan (whom it turns out went to college with one of my best friends from childhood and Fazi also grew up very very near to me)

Walking out of the event I met Kyle.

Kyle invited me to a meeting at Walker Stage which was truly bizarre...

I walked into Walker Stage and met German researcher and all around madman Nico Haupt... I was just trying to figure out where the meeting was and I didn't know the name of the group, "so I just poked my head in and said does anyone know where the wacky conspiracy meeting is..." and Nico immediately went ballistic screaming "I am sick of everyone calling us wacky..." and I'm like WOOOOO....

so in two minutes I'm in some raging argument with Nico who starts off on his the left is just as bad as the right rant --- sad because people like him are obviously on the left whether or not they care to admit it as the right would kick his right out of the country -- then we have the meeting which Nick Levis ends up lamely chairing as he always seems to end up chairing every meeting. And because Nick couldn't chair a meeting to save his life, Kyle and Nico spend the whole night screaming at each other. Sterling was there and promptly left leaving

Kyle (who doesn't life in NYC)
Guy (who dropped out shortly afterwards)
Adam Hurter (who lives in CT)
some grad student named Ann (who dropped out immediately)
a guy and a girl from the green party (who dropped out immediately)
and Nick Levis (who went promptly back to Germany)

I am including all these parentheses, because it shows clearly that between September 11, 2002 and mid summer of 2003, all the people in parentheses weren't even in NYC. All the people who organized the Ruppert lecture in 2002 never did ANYTHING afterwards. NOTHING. Never showed up to another meeting after the one at Walker. Nick was in Germany, Kyle was very rarely if ever in NYC. Adam Hurter was in CT, Dr. Fazi Khan really works as a doctor and doesn't have alot of time.

None of these people did anything after that meeting. NOTHING. Slice it, Dice it, do whatever you want with it, that's the true history of the 9/11 movement in New York City. For those 8 months, It was only Nico, Sterling and myself and of the three, I did 80% of the activism that actually got anywhere -- Sterling did the video editing (the man almost never leaves his house) -- and Nico did Nico stuff...pissing everyone off and researching all sorts of interesting things. Nico is not an organizer although he is an activist of sorts.

Somehow during this period some people had some idea that Nick Levis was the head of things in New York City... what the fuck? Not only was he not here, he didn't even answer emails after awhile.

So then what happened is that Kyle and Nick show up here in the summer of 2003 and declare an older Indian lady with some strong connections on the left and a radio show on WBAI to be the leader of the group locally.

She organized three meetings. On at a friends house in which a whole bunch of people were invited that ended up doing precisely NOTHING. Then there was a meeting at Judson church where alot of people regrouped...

Adam Hurter was there
John Judge
Webster Tarpley
Sanders Hicks
my friend Dana from the Green Party and
that Indian lady whose name escapes me at the moment

and they all gabbed on about bullshit for hours because none of them had done anything to build anything in New York City and Sterling and I shot a bunch of footage...

And then you had the 9/11/2003 event at Riverside... In which Kyle and the Indian lady had completely maneuvered me out of the group. They used the combined resources of Riverside Church and WBAI to put on this huge weekend long event. And I do have to say that they did a decent job of getting a lot of people in front of a lot of interesting speakers...but again, they were not building a local activist group just an event..

And because the star of the event, Amy Goodman, is a fierce opponent of the 9/11 truth movement and you also had other of our enemies like William Rivers Pitt speaking, it was just outrageous to me that I wasn't asked to speak at all. That's when Michael Kane who has become such a big contributor to Ruppert, 9/11 activism and Shadowgovernment Television appeared on the scene -- I only had been active virtually EVERY DAY since 9/24/2001, almost two years when he showed up.

There was then another event in Long Island that Michael organized with Nicholas and Nico and I went there and they absolutely wouldn't allowed me to say a word.

Well, I should add that at the 9/11/2003 Riverside meeting I wasn't even allowed to speak AT AN OPEN MIC SESSION. I was actually gagged after waiting over an hour to speak online... this is where I met Andrea Psoras who was standing right behind me and witnessed it... None of the people who controlled the microphone had done anything ever to promote 9/11 truth in NYC.

After that Long Island meeting I quit the movement and concentrated on SGTV representing us out in Sundance Film festival and then this Spring there was an entire new gang of newbies like Les Jamieson thinks the local 9.11 movement is his personal property. Nick Levis was back in town getting his salary from David Kubiak. Adam Hurter popped up various times also being bank rolled by David Kubiak or so it seems...

And this is when 9/ started to call itself "a leading coalition" or some BS like that..

I missed San Fran conference because I was down in Argentina. But I went to the Toronto conference with Barrie Zwicker which in my opinion was very very badly organized. Many good speakers, very small audience, ticket prices way to high. Kyle launched an absurd slander against me in a big meeting chaired by Ian Woods of Global Outlook when I demanded that there be some procedure as to who gets to speak when. Again this was totally outrageous, the guy says "this is how Rabbi Philo acts in NYC..." Precisely...since Kyle is a man who has to live off the money that he raises from wealthy donors the idea that he or Nick won't be chairing every single meeting is anathema to him. And yes I always demand democratic producedures which has basically resulted in my ostracism from the so called movement which doesn't even exist really.

Kyle also told Michel Chossodovsky to shut up when Chossodovsky started talking about John Gray and Gray's contribution (monetary) to the movement. And what was clear to me in Toronto was that Gray bought his way onto the Sunday panel which was bizarre because his comments were utterly delirious. And I started to realize there was something very dark going on in terms of Barrie Zwicker being an exceptionally good man but the way he organized that conference beheld him to money people like Gray when really so much money was just wasted in Toronto.

And everyone in Toronto knew that Nick was the leader in New York, when the man had never down anything in New York other than beg me to live in my house. The Indian lady had dropped out, and she and Kyle's main lasting contribution was driving me out of the movement.

And then came the so called Summer of Truth whereby Nick or Kyle or somebody had hooked up with Jimmy Walters, Mr. Moneybags... and so all of a sudden these guys are able to do a lot of printing and hand out free tshirts and pay people bribes to hand out fliers for them. And I don't know whether Kyle got his money for the 9/9/2001 event at the Symphony Space from Jimmy Walters or someone else, but he had the temerity for the first time to actually KICK ME OUT PHYSICALLY of the event not even allowing me to sell my tshirts when Gabriel Day was allowed to vend. And this is despite that I was invited by Nick Levis and was accompanied by Michael Kane who supposedly was the local chair of the local 9/11 truth...

And I talked to Barrie Zwicker and Cynthia McKinney and Mike Ruppert when they came out of the event about what had happened, but that night I hooked up with a pretty hot girl who also walked out of the event and she's been in my apartment ever since so that had little by little distracted me from any further activism...

And then there was 9/11/2004 Jimmy Walters night when he had this thug security guards expel Nick Levis and Nico from the event along maybe with some other people. EXTRAORDINARILY I was not kicked out and Kyle was standing there all smarmy as usual...and I was like, how could Kyle let his flunky Nick get kicked out without saying a word....and of course Nick hates it when I call him Kyle's flunky, (and maybe that's the evidence that he isn't who knows?)

In any case, all through these weeks I was saying to myself...just wait as soon as the election is over, Jimmy Walters money will dry up and all these people will become politically inactive again...and of course I think that night Jimmy Walters basically decided to just do his own thing...maybe with Eric Hufschmid and since the election, I don't get virtually any 9/11 emails any more...which is funny because if the 9/11 truth movement's political goal was to get Kerry would be ironic since Kerry was totally silent about all that stuff and of course he didn't get elected. But I think implicitly the frenetic activity around the Republican National Convention was really all about the 9/11 truth movement trying to hitch a ride on Kerry.

So anyway...this is the story of my 9/11 activism.

But I'll say this... political movements who kick out their most active and dedicated cadre will ultimately crumble and that was pretty apparent when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991... The 9/11 Truth movement was tremendously damaged in mid 2003 when they replaced me with that Indian lady had their big splash at Riverside and then had to completely reorganize in 2004 (which was done really just to be a tail of the Democrats and perhaps syphon money from Jimmy Walters and David Kubiak.) Its a very dangerous thing when people who are getting salaries from out of town money are considered automatically to be the leading activists and that justifies not having democratic procedures at meetings.

I think a lot of people thought oh...Jimmy Walters he's spending all this money now we are going to be big and strong...but really that money was used to destroy activism, not really build a group but just pay for the grand ballroom and whatever...hand out expensive four color process tshirts... big whup... John Gray's money in Toronto...what use was rent Convocation Hall and then have 1000!!!!!!!!! empty seats because the tickets were 60 Canadian dollars a day and almost no one paid.


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